North Laurel High School student receives Ralph Gabbard Broadcast Scholarship

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Cassidy Howard is a student at North Laurel High School and recipient of the Ralph Gabbard Broadcast Scholarship.

Howard is a member of the Tri-M music club, National Honor Society, and several community outreaches through her church.

"I think it is a really good thing to be well-rounded. I really pride myself myself on that, and I think that everyone should strive to be involved in as much as they can," says Howard.

While Cassidy is very involved in extra-curricular activities, she says she enjoys practicing her writing skills in her spare time, which she hopes to use for journalism.

"As I was looking for careers that involved the English language and writing, I found journalism. And, I thought it was just a perfect fit for me," says Howard.

Cassidy says she has an idea of what school she wants to attend, to utilize her scholarship.

"I'm really looking closely into Northern Kentucky University. Because, they have a one-hundred percent job placement from their college of informatics, which includes journalism and broadcasting," says Howard.

Cassidy says she wants to combine her love of writing and photography into one career.

"My dad is actually a journalist as well, so I have been around that my whole life," says Howard.

Which is something, Howard says, she learned at a young age.

"Right now he is not active, but he did it for many years. And actually let me write some articles for him and take pictures that were published in the paper, at a young age," says Howard.

Cassidy says while she enjoys being behind the lens, she is open to all fields.

"I was involved in the students news program at the middle school, but I was always a script writer and editor so, it is more in my comfort zone. But that is not to say that I won't ever branch out of that and get on the other side of things," says Howard.

Howard was one of three students to receive the award.

The other two students are Kelby Rose from Powell County and Nathaniel Mims from Betsy Layne.

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