No uniforms, no money; Closing company leaves local marching band in the lurch

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PIKE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Spectators have seen the Pike County Central Marching Band on the field for the last 5 years.

Pike County Central Band Director Matt Moon says after a lot of hard work through fundraising they were able to replace their 20-year-old uniforms with new ones.

"I was very excited and I know the kids were excited too," said Moon. "Uniforms are important for a number of reasons. They help everyone become unified. They are also important to us now in marching programs in that they reflect the show."

But that excitement was short lived as the custom uniforms the band ordered from the Glasgow manufacturing company, My Visual Package, never came.

"The company we had ordered from had given us assurance that we would receive the uniforms up until 3 days before they closed," said Moon. "The company closed down without making production for us and multiple bands throughout the state. Tennessee and North Carolina included."

Moon says the hard part was breaking the news to the students.

"They looked really good and fit the show really well. So to find out that we weren't going to get those was extremely disappointing. Because it is a part of the show. It adds to the show. And not having those definitely takes away from it. It was a pretty big blow morally," said band member Matthew Schevalier.

It was also a big blow to the band's bank account.

"Thirty-seven hundred dollars," said Moon. "A little over $3,700 is what we paid."

Schevalier says the students worked hard for that money.

"Every year we do a few fundraisers and we raise a lot of money. But the money we paid for the uniforms is a lot for our band," said Schevalier.

Moon and his band were forced to improvise.

"It was 2 weeks into the season before this company closed. So we performed our first competition in black t-shirts. Just to try to unify the group in one particular thing," said Moon. "Since then we have been able to take a step back for a moment and contact some friends throughout the state to help us out. One in particular in Lousiville we were able to purchase used uniforms from them."

Although the show must go on Schevalier still has one question for My Visual Package.

"Why did you lie and say that you could get us our uniforms when you knew that you couldn't?" asked Schevalier.

Moon says he received an e-mail September 17th from My Visual Package Management Member Matt Searle. The message reads. "It is with great sadness that we have made the decision to close My Visual Package LLC. The current owners are making every attempt to collect payments we are owed from clients. You will be contacted regarding refunds on any orders. Any questions regarding this process please respond via email. "

Moon says he has attempted to reach Searle since with no luck.

We have also attempted to reach out to Searle and have yet to receive a response.

If you wish to donate to help the band, call Pike County Central at 606-432-4352 and ask for Matt Moon.

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