Nick Wilson wins a visit from father, survives another week on Survivor

(WYMT) - It was an emotional episode of Survivor for all of the contestants on Wednesday night's episode.

The episode began with Nick and Christian talking about the previous vote. Nick was upset and mad at both Christian and Gabby for voting out Carl, a member of the original David tribe.

Nick mentioned how he would still act like the alliance with Christian was still good.

The episode then picked up with the emotional arrivals of loved ones for the reward challenge.

Each survivor had a loved one visit them for the reward challenge. The contestants were split into two and the winning couple would get a barbecue feast with their loved ones.

After a fast-paced reward challenge, Nick and Angelina won the reward, sending them to the feast.

Nick won the visit from his father, James.

Nick and Angelina were able to pick two other survivors to join them for the feast, along with bringing their loved ones.

Things picked up when the immunity challenge occurred.

In a competition of balance and endurance, Kara won the individual immunity.

At camp, Christian thought the plan was to vote out Allison. However, most of the camp wanted Christian out.

Davie told Christian about the details and wanted to keep Christian in the game. With a split camp full of worry, the tribal council was interesting.

Christian played his immunity idol, keeping him safe for tribal council.

At the end of the episode, Gabby was sent home with only two votes.

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