New attraction all the buzz at Jenny Wiley State Park

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PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (WYMT) - Jenny Wiley State Park has formed a friendship that's all the buzz in the Prestonsburg community.

The park recently reached out to Jason Conley, also known as "The Bee Man," to help them with something they hope will be unique and informative for members of the community.

Conley transported a recently-captured hive of bees to the park's maintenance area Tuesday, where they will now live, create, and thrive as a learning experience for the community.

"I removed them and I'd had Jenny Wiley reach out to me here previously and ask me for bees," said Conley. "(They said) that they were starting this program; that they wanted to help educate more people. I knew the bees would be coming to a good place where they're protected."

Jenny Wiley Park Naturalist Trinity Shepherd said he hopes the hive on display at the park will spark an interest in beekeeping.

"Beekeepers and bees, in general, are in dire straits," he said. "Just being able to add another hive to the park here: to be able to teach about pollination and where our food comes from and our trees. All of that is pretty special."

The area will be open for school groups and other people who are interested in learning more about the bees.

Both men agreed that the idea is needed, as many people fear bees and don't know their importance or the proper way to take care of a hive.

Conley said his biggest piece of advice to anyone who notices a swarm is to immediately contact the local extension office. He said they can likely contact a beekeeper to relocate hives, to help keep the species safe and to keep the community appeased.

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