New bill would prohibit carrying guns while wearing a mask at Kentucky Capitol

Published: Feb. 6, 2020 at 4:17 PM EST
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A state senator says in an incident in the Kentucky Capitol Friday shows him there is a need for a law banning people from wearing masks while carrying weapons.

It is legal for people to carry weapons in the Capitol building now, but Senator Morgan McGarvey says people should not be allowed to also wear masks.

"I think if anyone saw someone with an assault rifle and a ski mask walking into their place of work," he said. "It would cause some concern."

Friday, the grounds between the Capitol and Capitol annex were filled with people opening carrying firearms as part of a Second Amendment rally.

At least a dozen went into the capitol and posed for pictures with their guns while also wearing masks. According to capitol rules and regulations, people can carry holstered guns or carry long guns with a strap.

But Senator Morgan McGarvey (D-Louisville) was among those concerned when some people also wore masks into the Capitol. He says he is going to file a bill banning the wearing of masks while carrying firearms.

McGarvey says he is also meeting with Kentucky State Police on other possible security measures to have in the state Capitol.

Governor Beshear says Capitol security or police must witness the act of people improperly carrying firearms or wearing masks and then they can ask people to either comply or leave. The governor also says to his knowledge there was not a safety issue with regards to what happened Friday.