New bill could make it illegal to 'fake' a service animal

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WYMT/WKYT) - There are more than 385,000 service dogs across the United States.

Sister station WKYT reports that service dogs are trained to help people in need but many are taking advantage of that.

A new bill that is pre-filled by Representative Kim King of Harrodsburg would update Kentucky's current law for service animals.

This law would make it illegal to fake a service dog and allow officers to investigate, issue a citation, and require someone to remove their dog from the area.

Karen Shirk is with 4 Paws For Ability and she believes the law is a good first step because faking service dogs could actually hurt those who need them.

"They're not thinking, if I take my dog out and it poops in the store and grabs food off the shelves and growls at somebody, now real people who have disabilities are going to have a harder time with those dogs, they're not thinking about the harm they're doing to other people," said Shirk.

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