New bike system in Pikeville will make roads safer

Published: Feb. 26, 2017 at 5:11 PM EST
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A new bike way system is going to be created in Pikeville.

This system will be marked on the side of the road. It will stretch from Industrial Park and reach to the Pikeville Commons.

Officials stated that this bike way system will make the roads safer.

"We're trying to make the public aware of the biking community and increase their safety," Philip Elswick, Deputy City Manager, said.

Scott Chafin, Pike County resident, explained that this new bikeway system will make him feel more comfortable biking.

"It'll definitely be more safe and I think we'll be more comfortable out riding your bike," Chafin said.

According to Elswick, the community has come together to make this project possible.

"Some of the members of the biking community have participated in the master plan development," Elswick said. "And (they) have also contacted us about certain things they would like to see done."

Elswick said he hopes this will encourage the people in the community to get out and move.

"We would like to promote a healthy lifestyle," Elswick said.

The plans for the bike way system are in the final stages.

"They'll use those plans to place the striping where we want it and place the signage," Elswick said.

Construction should begin within the next few months.

The community can plan to hit the road with a bike by mid to late summer.