New GOP ad takes on Beshear on health care issue

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - A new Republican attack ad is slamming Democrat Andy Beshear for backing the Affordable Care Act and opposing Gov. Matt Bevin's efforts to impose work requirements for some Medicaid recipients. It's the latest sign that health care looms large in Kentucky's race for governor.

The TV ad backed by the Republican Governors Association overlaps a Beshear campaign commercial. In his ad, Beshear touts his efforts to protect health coverage for pre-existing conditions as attorney general and promises to do the same if elected governor.

The GOP commercial lambasts Beshear for espousing "radical views" on health care.

Beshear's campaign fired back Friday, calling it a desperate smear while accusing Bevin of trying to "rip health care away" from tens of thousands of Kentuckians.