Nearly 300 rally in Johnson County against pension changes

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Hundreds in Johnson County rallied in opposition of Senate Bill 1.

Around 300 educators from Johnson County and Paintsville schools gathered in the Mayo Plaza to rally.

The proposed bill would temporarily reduce the annual cost-of-living raises for retired teachers.

Educators in Johnson County said everything begins and ends with a child's education.

"Just the message would be to have a little bit more respect towards our profession, once again, you know they've kind of gave us a voice, we've been very outspoken about our opposition of Senate Bill one," said Keith Patrick, a teacher at Highland Elementary School in Johnson County.

Those at the rally said though Johnson County and Paintsville are rivals they unified for the sake of the students.

Kentucky lawmakers are looking into possible changes to the bill before voting.

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