National Fire Prevention week reminds people to be aware of possible dangers in their home

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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - This week is National Fire Prevention Week.

It is a way for fire departments to reach out to the community to keep them up to date on safety practices they should be looking out for.

Tim Caldwell, Hazard Deputy Fire Chief, says it is a good reminder to help prevent the unexpected from happening.

"Economically for them, it could be a huge burden to lose their home. Also, it is devastating emotionally."

Hazard Fire Department is helping prevent those types of situations by giving out smoke detectors.

"The only catch is we get to install those for you. They are free of charge. Installation is free of charge," said Caldwell. "We've given out between 700 and 800 hundred and we probably got a couple hundred left that we are looking to give away."

Caldwell says to keep your eye on several other things including checking your heating and cooling system, making sure you have a fire extinguisher in your home, and never leave your stove when cooking.

"If your clothes catch on fire obviously stop drop and roll. Just the little things like that that we have heard over the years but that we want to reinforce."

Many local fire departments will give and install fire detectors in your home for free.

If you are interested you can call the department or your local volunteer fire department.

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