My March 2nd Story: Jenniffer Williams

Published: Jan. 30, 2017 at 11:23 AM EST
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I live in London on Hawk Creek Road and I was working at Kroger that day. They were giving bad weather, and I remember checking my phone to see the weather forecast and saw that there were tornado watches up for a lot of Kentucky.

I didn't go directly home that day. That's when I heard there was a tornado warning. I texted my mom and dad to tell them there was a tornado warning. I didn't hear anything from them for a few and the next call that I received changed my life.

My dad called me and told me I didn't have a home to come to. His phone went dead. I was so scared. I didn't drive myself to where my home used to sit, but my boyfriend, his dad and mom drove me down.

As we got onto Hawk Creek Road, it didn't look like anything hit. As we approached my house, I could see lights from emergency vehicles.

I didn't give them time to stop. I jumped from the vehicle and was stopped by an individual who said be careful because of downed powerlines and debris. I found my mom sitting on my aunt's porch where they went to just moments before the tornado hit.

It was dark and you couldn't tell much, but my home no longer stood. The only thing that remained was my back porch. We lost everything. We came back the next day and started the process of cleaning up.

-Jenniffer Williams

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