Mural painted in downtown Hyden

Published: Jul. 31, 2018 at 5:28 PM EDT
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Downtown Hyden now has a little bit more character.

At the end of July, an intern through the frontier nursing program painted a mural behind Hyden City Hall. All of the students came up with projects to do in the community.

James Rasmussen, who is from California, was inspired by the Appalachian culture. He decided to paint a piece that reflects Hyden.

"I tried my best to incorporate as many community icons as possible. We have the banjo because Bluegrass music is really big in the area," said Rasmussen.

He said he had help from volunteers. Community members and local officials also gave input on what they thought should be in the painting.

Rasmussen said he wanted to add art to the town that welcomed people to the area. He said it took four days to paint the wall. Rasmussen said he could not have done the painting alone and many community members and people in his program helped.