Move over cars; New cycling law goes into effect Saturday

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FRANKFORT/PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (WYMT) - If you are a cyclist or travel a popular cycling route you need to be aware of a new cycling law that goes into effect Saturday.

House Bill 33 will require drivers to keep at least three feet away from cyclists during an attempt to pass. If that much space is not available, drivers must use reasonable caution when passing.

Cyclist Don Fields says motorists should be aware of another important factor in the law.

"What motorists don't understand about the three-foot law is that it's okay to pass a bicycle," said Fields. "It's okay to use the adjacent lane if it's clear. Even if it's not a passing lane. If it's a double yellow, the motorists can use that lane to pass the bicycle."

Fields also says cyclists are required to use the same laws as motorcycles.

"Cyclists will use hands signals to indicate when they are stopping and turning. Cyclists also have the same right of way as other vehicles at an intersection," Fields pointed out.

The new cycling law goes into effect just in time for Sunday's "Ride Like a Girl Bike Rally" in Prestonsburg. Fields expects the event to be the largest women-only cycling event in the state as fifty women are expected to participate.

You can find out more about the event here.

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