Mother worried after finding homemade "explosive" device inside mailbox

FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - A Floyd County woman is worried after finding what she believes to be a homemade explosive device inside her mailbox.

It happened in the Auxier community.

A trip to the mailbox gave Lila Craig quite the surprise.

"It's pretty peaceful around here," said Craig. "I came home and decided to go out there and check my mail so it was probably about 10 a.m."

It happened on Sunday.

"As I pulled that package out I noticed that the rest of my mail was burnt on the ends," recalled Craig. "I thought, that's so strange."

Immediately, she said she was not sure what happened.

"Then I found a "Skoal" can in front of my mailbox that was also burnt," Craig pointed out.

After she kicked it, she noticed something strange.

"It came open and there was a material inside of it to ignite it," said Craig.

Craig told WYMT she believed it could be an explosive substance called "tannerite".

"They put it in pop bottles and take it out to the middle of nowhere for target practice. It makes a big explosion," Craig explained.

Although the explosion only damaged her mail, she said the situation could be worse.

"There's a gas line across the street. I mean, it could have really done more than just destroyed my mail and my mailbox," Craig pointed out.

She said she is worried about her family and bought a set of security cameras.

"You just don't think you're going to walk out there and find something like that," said Craig.

Craig advised other homeowners to do the same.

"Just be aware. Be careful. Watch your property," warned Craig.

She said her daughter often checked the mail and she is grateful she did not check it on Sunday.

Officials with Kentucky State Police Post 9 are investigating the case.

If you have any information, you can call them at 606-433-7711.

All tips can remain anonymous.

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