Mother of Louisville police shooting victim calls for peace

Published: May. 29, 2020 at 10:02 PM EDT
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The mother of a police shooting victim in Kentucky is calling on protesters to keep the peace while demanding justice.

Gov. Andy Beshear read the statement from Breonna Taylor's mother hours after gunshots erupted during the protest in Louisville Thursday night. At least seven people were wounded.

Tamika Palmer said in her statement that her daughter devoted her life to others and the “last thing she’d want right now is any more violence.” Taylor was an emergency medical technician.

Beshear spoke on CNN, saying the protest started peacefully but some people later “turned it into something that it should not have been.”

Breonna Taylor's cousin, Trina Curry, also commented on the protest.

"This is a bigger cause. This is way bigger than just Louisville. This isn't just something that's happening in Louisville. I just want them to know that even though they are protesting and all that, it can be peaceful. You can make a difference in numbers. You don't have to make it violent. if you are going to continue to protest and continue to protest behind her name, then just make it peaceful. That's all that we ask. We're all angry. We're all fed up. We're all tired. And we're all raising children in this time you know? I mean but what are we teaching the kids in the generations to come if we're fighting violence with violence. It doesn't work," said Curry.

Taylor's family wants people to remember Breonna as someone with a beautiful smile and charisma.

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