Mother and son find 'meth lab' in Laurel County ditch

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The Laurel County Sheriff's Office is investigating a 'meth lab' found in a ditch by a mother and her son.

The 'one step meth lab' or 'HCL generator,' was found on County Farm Road. When the duo made the discovery, they called 911.

When police found the plastic bottle, they said some meth was still inside. Detective Kyle Gray dismantled the 'lab.' Police added that labs like this are rare in Laurel County.

"Citizens be aware and alert to any similar or suspicious items and notify the Laurel County Sherif''s Office if such items as this are discovered," deputies said in a news release.

Officers are looking into why the bottle was in that ditch and anyone connected to it. If anyone has any leads, they are asked to call the sheriff's office at (606) 864-6600.

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