Most states are distancing well, but there's room for improvement

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(WYMT) - A new study suggests Kentucky is doing fairly well when it comes to social distancing but that Kentucky, like many other states, could be doing more.

The website Unacast scored every state to determine which states were doing the most to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The site based their analysis by looking at cell phone data to determine the average distance traveled by people in each state.

Kentucky and most of the other southern states scored a 'B', including neighboring Virginia and West Virginia. Tennessee scored a 'C', landing in the bottom 10 and below the national average.

Most of the 'A' ranking states were in the northeast, southwest, and midwest, as well as Alaska.

Within our viewing area, nearly every county scored at least a 'C' with most scoring an 'A' or 'B'.

Only three, being Rockcastle and Wolfe Counties in Kentucky and Campbell County in Tennessee, scored an 'F'.

To see the full map and to look at a county level, you can click here.