Morgan's Mission: Family raises money to help buy educational programs

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KNOTT, Ky. (WYMT) - Morgan Hall was a well-loved teacher at Jones Fork Elementary in Knott County. Her compassion and care for her students and coworkers shined through.

"Instantly we were like two pieces of a puzzle coming together," said Morgan's coworker Misty Keens.

Back in July, Morgan died after giving birth to her son, Noah.

"Morgan died shortly after her dream of being a mother," explained Keens.

This devastated not only her family but the entire community. Though her dream of becoming a mother was cut short, Morgan's family did not want her death to stop other dreams from coming true.

"Morgan was really passionate about children learning to read and comprehend," added Keens.

Struggling with dyslexia her entire life, Morgan was very interested in computer programs that could possibly help students with similar struggles.

Unfortunately, the school is unable to fund the programs so Morgan's family decided to step in and help.

"Her family is now trying to provide a dream of Morgan's."

Hoping to raise $20,000 to make another dream come true for their sweet Morgan.

"Really what it would mean to donate is to help Morgan's dream come true."

If you are interested in donating money to help Morgan's dream, you can go to any Community Trust Bank and donate to Morgan's Mission Fund.

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