More than 230 volunteers help keep Dewey Lake clean

FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Nearly 250 people helped keep Dewey Lake clean Saturday morning.

Since the early 1990s, this clean-up effort has grown each year.

"Clean up our trails, our lakeshore, and just basically get our park really ready and trash free for our busy season coming up for the summer," explained Jenny Wiley State Park Naturalist Trinity Shepherd.

Shepherd started his day jumping in his vehicle to keep the volunteers safe and hydrated.

"So this is our chance to give back to the resource which is our state park here at Jenny Wiley. It's just very important to pass this down from generation to generation," Shepherd pointed out.

The volunteers rolled up their sleeves and put on rubber gloves to pick up trash and debris on the ground.

"To teach our kids in the next generation, hey, you know, we need to keep things clean and not throw our trash down," said Shepherd.

Girl Scouts Troop 5185 helped in the efforts.

"There are some people that litter all the time and we just want to help clean up," one member explained.

With around one million visitors each year, garbage can pile up fast.

The girls say trash harms the wildlife in and out of the lake.

"It can harm animals. It can get in rivers and harm fish," one member pointed out.

At the end of the day, volunteers did not go home with an empty stomach or hand.

"Of course that's going to get them a free t-shirt and complimentary cookout in the campground at noon," explained Shepherd.

Volunteers cleaned up around 15 to 20 tons of garbage on Saturday.

If you missed today's clean up and would like to help, you can call 606-889-1790 or email Trinity Shepherd at

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