4 men found guilty of trafficking 200 pounds of marijuana from Texas to Kentucky

More than 200 pounds of marijuana intercepted in Pineville // Pineville Police
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PINEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - Four men were found guilty of conspiracy and attempted possession of marijuana earlier this week after a collaborative effort by Pineville and Richmond police, along with the Bell County Sheriff's Department.

On July 17, 2018 Pineville Police got a call of a reckless driver on US 25 E.

Officers stopped the tractor-trailer and found two men in the vehicle acting suspiciously. One officer saw several duffel bags and the men told the officer there was marijuana in the bags.

Both men were arrested and Appalachia Narcotics Investigations was contacted to help with the investigation.

The ANI worked with Lexington DEA to find out the marijuana was on its way to two people in Madison County. The total weight of the marijuana was 91.9 kilograms, or 202.6 pounds.

They said the tractor-trailer came from El Paso, Texas, and was coming through Pineville after making stops in South Carolina.

During the trial in February 2019, evidence showed that 37-year-old Brandon Hayden of Lexington received photos of the marijuana with texts about the shipment.

Hayden and Vincent Raglin met on July 17, 2018 at a truck stop in Richmond to pick up the marijuana, not knowing it had been intercepted by Pineville Police. The two were quickly arrested.

Hayden and Raglin, along with the two men caught during the transport, received federal prison time.

Brandon Hayden
Vincent Raglin

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