Moms Demand Action rallies in Frankfort for "common sense" gun laws

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 12:48 PM EST
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Another group is rallying in Frankfort over a gun-related issue Thursday. This time they are advocating for stricter rules for gun safety.

The Moms Demand Action group wants lawmakers to strengthen Kentucky's gun laws by passing "extreme risk legislation".

There are several proposed laws to be discussed by this year's general assembly. One is a 'red flag law' to keep guns away from potentially at-risk individuals. Another deals with gun safety in domestic violence cases.

100 mothers gathered in the Capitol rotunda, all wearing red and asking for "common sense" laws to be passed.

Among them is Anita Franklin, whose 21-year-old son died in a Lexington shooting. She said she is a gun owner herself and does not want guns taken away. She said there simply needs to be more responsibility.

"We want to hold people accountable for changes in laws that need to be changed," said Franklin. "And for people to break laws, we want them to be held accountable as well."

"We see a lot of the impact of gun violence on domestic violence victims and families," said Megan McDonald, an attorney for domestic violence victims. "That affects our entire city. We feel very strongly there needs to be more protection for those victims and families in general."

This year's legislature is very conservative with Republican majorities in both chambers. Leadership said stricter gun laws will be a hard sell, but people at the Capitol Thursday said they have to try.

"My purpose for being here is to be a voice for the voiceless. Not a lot of people who speak up when they lose a loved one," said Franklin.

Advocates said there also needs to be more background checks and rules set for people obtaining guns at gun shows and demonstrations.

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