Millard School celebrates students on Teachers' Day

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PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - For National Teachers' Day, many educators are being celebrated by students and community members. At Millard School, the teachers chose to celebrate the students.

Faculty and staff stayed late Monday to decorate the halls of their school to celebrate students as they approach the upcoming testing window. Millard School administrators said that type of sacrifice is common for the teachers and staff at the school.

"It's a donation of time to make the students feel important. To give them a little excitement. To lighten the mood, because tomorrow they do start K-PREP testing and it's a stressful environment," said Assistant Principal Misty Riddle.

Riddle said the school does this event annually and keeps the dates and themes a secret from the students. She said the stress from testing is actually a matter of Mustang pride.

"K-PREP is stressful for teachers and for students because everybody wants to do their best. Everybody wants to perform their best," Riddle said. "They want to be the smartest they can be for themselves and for their school because we have a lot of pride in our school."

She said the decorations are only a small part of the efforts. The students who take the K-PREP are also led through the school parade-style, as the untested grades join the faculty and staff in celebrating the students to energize them before the test.

"They cheer on the third through eighth grade, which are the tested levels," she said. "So, it brought us all together as a school. We just all get really excited for the decorations and for being a family, because that's what we are here at Millard."

Students ended the day in the gymnasium, taking part in relay-style "K-PREP Games."

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