Men burglarized Bell County property less than 24 hours after fatal fire, per police

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BELL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - On January 7, three children and a grandmother died in a fire on Hurst Hollow Road.

The Bell County Sheriff's Department says sometime between the fire and January 8, a small camper on that same property of the house fire was burglarized.

Beulah Mullins, who died in the fire, owned the camper. Family members say multiple items were stolen from the camper including firearms, a generator, a wire welder, carbide maps and copper wire.

Investigators discovered that 20-year-old Dillion Jerel Nichols and his 55-year-old father Ralph Nichols pawned the firearms stolen from the camper.

On Wednesday, investigators went back to Hurst Hollow Road after complaints of trespassing. They found Dillion, Ralph and Deveraux Wilder on the property. All three were arrested.

Dillion and Ralph were charged with third-degree burglary, receiving stolen property and theft.

Wilder had an outstanding warrant.

All were taken to the Bell County Detention Center.

Deputies say the three men do not have anything to do with the fire that killed the three children and the grandmother.

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