Mechanics suggest check-ups for cars during the winter

HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - As winter weather starts to settle in, mechanics in the area are offering advice for maintaining cars during rain, sleet, and snow.

Sandra Lewis says the recent weather conditions have caused problems for many drivers, including herself.

"I like the snow, but I do not like the cold, cold weather ... at all," Lewis said.

Roger Crandall, an electronic diagnostic technician at Perry County Tire, says he sees a lot of flat tires, frozen doors, and broken windshield wipers this time of year.

"We have seen two cars today with the parking brake actually frozen up," Crandall said. "The cables had frozen... water got in them ... froze overnight. They went to set the parking brake and it would not release."

The good news is Crandall has tips that could help keep drivers and their cars safer on the roads.

Crandall says as temperatures drop, drivers should keep a closer eye on tire pressure.

"[When] the temperature is colder out you can drop the pressure three or four pounds," Crandall said. "It will not affect the tire. It will get you more traction.

"Another thing you have to worry about is coolant temperature. People don't realize antifreeze has a life-expectancy. It only lasts for a certain [amount of] time."

Sandra Lewis says her husband tends to maintain their vehicle, but she knows he fills up the car with fluids when the temperatures drop.

"My husband usually does that all really well," Lewis said. "He keeps antifreeze in the car and makes sure it has windshield wiper fluid."

Luckily, many drivers have heard to watch their tire inflation but Crandall says that often times bad wipers and headlights are overlooked.

"If your wipers are bad ... simply put, you can't see ... same with your headlights," Crandall said. "Personally, I like the blue ones in the wintertime. It seems like the almost work almost like a fog light ... where they stay under the snow. That being said, the blue ones are absolutely useless in the rain. You actually can't see the road lines on the road."

Mechanics at Perry County Tire strongly advise keeping an eye on tire pressure at all times. They say their outdoor tire inflator is always available to the public.

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