McConnell talks election successes, positive outlook for Gov. Bevin's reelection

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WYMT) - Senator Mitch McConnell talked about the recent victories for his party in Tuesday night's election and offered a glimpse ahead to next year during a news conference Friday.

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The majority leader also talked about issues facing the federal government in what's now a divided government in Washington.

McConnell said he was in major deals with President Obama and says he's already talking with Nancy Pelosi on what they might be able to move forward on.

"I say this not to put down any of you, but we do a lot of important stuff on a bi-partisan basis that no one writes about because it's not controversial," said McConnell.

McConnell spent about 20 minutes talking to reporters about a number of different issues. He said the election shows that the state of the Republican party is strong in Kentucky and he wants to make sure it stays that way.

"I think we're in good shape going into Governor Bevin's reelection," said McConnell.

McConnell said it was very gratifying seeing Republicans maintain control of the Kentucky House and Senate. He told reporters gathered in the Kentucky capital that he's going to do everything he can to make sure Governor Matt Bevin is elected to a second term. On the federal level, McConnell said he's confident a divided government can work together as it has done in the past.

"We have had divided government more often than not since World War II. So what are the American people saying when they elect divided government? I think they are saying why don't you look for the things you can agree on and do those," said McConnell.

Jonathan Shell, who lost his bid for reelection to the state house in the May primary will now be assisting McConnell in his 2020 campaign.

"So far I have been traveling across the state in talking to Republican groups as they have entered into the 2018 election cycle to help rally for local candidates and to remind people that McConnell will be on the ballot in 2020. The liberal mob is already after him," said Shell.

McConnell said one of his top priorities is getting a farm bill passed and that it include more production of hemp.

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