Mayor of Pound suggests Kentucky drivers pay for new police car

Published: Apr. 27, 2017 at 7:44 PM EDT
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Officials in Pound, Va. are hoping to buy a new police car, but a local paper suggests, Mayor George Dean wants to hand the bill to Kentucky Drivers.

Mayor Dean told council members, "Kentucky is paying for it."

The phrase is not sitting well with drivers who commute to work in Virginia from Letcher County.

One Kentucky driver, Nancy Leet, said she's greeted the same way every day on her way to work.

"As soon as you come down into the mountain into Virginia, there's always a cop sitting there," she said. "He's always one place or the other."

Leet told WYMT Thursday, it's been an issue since she started working in Virginia 13 years ago.

"I felt targeted for a long time, being a Kentucky resident crossing into Virginia for work anyway. I feel like (the officer is) always looking for you, waiting for you," said Leet.

She said, after reading the article, she's not at all surprised.

"It validates how I felt over the years," she said. "I mean, I was like, 'Okay, I don't just think that they do this a lot. They really do. It's true.'"

On the other side of the state line, Jenkins Police Chief Jim Stephens said, his officers don't play games.

"Everything is above board, we don't do anything different just because you're from another state," said Chief Stephens.

He suggested, obeying the law is the best way to avoid a ticket, but if you are pulled over for any reason, attitude goes a long way.

"Nine times out of ten, if you're polite to the officer, he'll be polite and firm, but fair, with you," said Chief Stephens. "So that's the best way, the adage of 'treat everybody the way you want to be treated,' that goes for police as well."

We were told Mayor Dean is out of town, expected to return Monday.

The Pound Police Department released the following statement:

"In regard to the issuance of any summons, the practice in the past and at present of the Pound Police Department is NOT to target any driver or any particular geographical region. We believe we have a very good working relationship with our close neighbors in Kentucky and want it to remain that way. In fact, we are currently collaborating with Kentucky to bring recreational tourism to our region. In regard to the issuance of speeding tickets our usual policy when monitoring U.S. 23 is not to issue a citation unless the driver is dangerously exceeding the posted speed limit. The Town of Pound has multiple intersections along U.S. 23, mostly not controlled by traffic lights. Town residents use all of these intersections. The intersections that are not controlled by traffic signals do not have extensive line of sight in both directions. These intersections are particularly dangerous when U.S. 23 motorists are traveling at excessive speeds. Serious injuries and death have resulted from accidents at these intersections. On February 7, 2015, Pound experienced a fatality on U.S. 23 at the North Fork intersection within the Town of Pound limits. On Business U.S. 23, Pound had another traffic fatality in the downtown area within the past 3 years. The Pound Police Department devotes time and effort to prevent these types of incidents with traffic enforcement hoping to provide an incentive for motorists to make a vigilant effort to observe the posted speed limits. When a motorist travels far in excess of the posted speed limit it dramatically increases the likelihood of a serious injury and/or fatality. Please note that approximately 99% of all speeding tickets issued throughout the Town of Pound are for speeds of 15 mph or more above the posted speed limit. Pound Police Department wants to encourage everyone to practice safe driving skills, and never drink and drive."