'Maybe a month we can go on like this:' Business owners compile list of recommendations to help keep small businesses afloat

Published: Mar. 23, 2020 at 6:50 PM EDT
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For small business owners Geoff and Sky Marietta, the closures throughout the state amid COVID-19 closed the doors to each of their three businesses.

The couple owns Moonbow Tipple in Harlan, 2nd & Main in Corbin and Moonbow Mercantile in Corbin.

Monday morning started out rough for their coffee shop.

'"You know today we've had one sale. Versus, you know, another Monday we probably would have about 20 by this time," Sky said. "A typical day at the coffee shop, you know, we're used to having around 90 people I'd say come through a day."

Geoff and Sky wrote a blog post on Sunday evening that laid out what they and other business owners are going through during


talked about how the closures are affecting small business like theirs and recommendations they had that the government could implement to help those businesses stay afloat.

Among those ideas listed were immediately declaring disaster unemployment insurance, relief from payroll tax, non-dilutive finance and emergency loans.

"The hardest decision is yet to remain. The global economy against the threat of coronavirus. And, we just pray that our leaders can be wise and make good decisions," said Geoff.

The duo clung to their hopes that out of this, people continue to see just how vital each and every small business is to the bigger picture.

"You know when you take all this together, this is a really important moment of how we can support our country, our economy, and working people right now," said Sky.

Geoff and Sky Marietta plan to start delivery services at their coffee shop, Moonbow Tipple, on Tuesday.