Martin County family says neighbor shot their dog

Published: Apr. 5, 2017 at 6:27 PM EDT
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Just weeks after a horse was shot in Martin County, now a family is grieving after they said their neighbor shot their dog.

The Maynard Family describes their dogs as an extension of their household.

Three years ago Duke, the families husky, got a friend to play with.

"He was so excited, they were best buds, best buds," Marley Fluty, whose sister owns the dog, said.

Kiersten Maynard brought Kiera home and from day one she became part of their family.

"She was my baby, she was everything," Kiersten Maynard, owner of the dog, said.

Tuesday evening while playing with Kiera, she got away and ran into their neighbor's yard.

Just moments later the family heard a gunshot.

"I pulled up and I'll never forget the sight," Fluty said. "I pulled up to her and he was standing there and she was just gasping, just breathing so hard."

The family said their neighbor shot the dog in the head.

"I knew there was nothing I could do for her, but I just wanted her to be comforted and to know that she was loved and then she passed," Fluty said.

The family called police.

Martin County Sheriff John Kirk said the neighbor claims the dog chased his chickens.

"The way that the law reads is you have the right to defend your livestock from those type of attacks," Kirk said.

As the family processes the loss they said they want justice for Kiera.

Sheriff Kirk said his hands are tied because there is no proof the dog was chasing the chickens.

The family said they buried the dog and will soon add a cross as a memorial.