Martin County Water District customers may continue to have water outages

Published: Oct. 8, 2018 at 9:44 PM EDT
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During the weekend, Martin County Water District Customers found themselves without water.

"We repaired water lines that were broken and when the water was turned back on another leak had to be found and fixed, said John Hensley, Martin County Utility Board Member.

Hensley said they are working to fix a pressure problem at a pump station in Inez.

However, Hensley said they may have to turn the water off temporarily at times to finish fixing the problem.

"Customers in the Pigeonroost, Wolf Creek, Meathouse, Warfield and route 292 areas could see a temporary shutoff," said Hensley.

He said there are ways customers can prepare for their water being cut off.

"Go into the water office. The girls will take their names and put them on a calling list. And then when the water company knows of a breakage or a line is going to be off they can call you," Hensley said.

He suggested always keeping a gallon or two of water handy for emergencies.

Hensley said you can also check social media for water outages announcements.

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