Married, off-duty officers thwart armed robbery attempt during dinner date

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE/Gray News) - Louisville Metro Police released video Tuesday of the moments after an armed man entered a Raising Cane’s fast food restaurant and allegedly demanded cash from the register.

Officers Chase and Nicole McKeown with the Elizabethtown Police Department were off-duty, enjoying date night as a married couple when they saw someone brandishing a gun at the other side of the fast food restaurant. (Source: WAVE/Gray News)

Police said that’s when two off-duty officers, a married couple enjoying a date night out, jumped into action, WAVE reports.

When Elizabethtown Officers Nicole and Chase McKeown saw someone brandishing a gun at the other side of the Louisville, Kentucky, restaurant, they said what happened next was instinct.

"That’s where that repetitiveness and that training kicks in,” Nicole McKeown said.

The McKeowns said their church has been stressing the importance of regular date nights.

“It’s actually, right after we got married, that’s where we ate dinner, at that same location,” Nicole McKeown said.

In the video, the officers chase the would-be robber out of the restaurant. He also tosses his weapon on the ground.

The couple eventually caught up with the suspect and held him until LMPD officers arrived.

“We’re trained for those kinds of situations,” Nicole McKeown said. “And when it comes to those people’s lives being in danger, I feel like any other officer here would have done the exact same thing.”

“Our conversation leading up to it had nothing to do with whether or not we were going to do anything,” Chase McKeown added. “It was a matter of: this is happening; we’re trained to act; we acted. That’s all there was to it.”

Nicole and Chase McKeown have been married only about six months. They said this was a good exercise in teamwork.

“In marriage, we’ve got each other,” Chase McKeown said. “We’re going to talk things out. We’re going to deal with whatever comes at us. We’ve had a lot we’ve dealt with in the last six months. It’s just another, like she said, another layer of trust that adds to and shows that I don’t have to worry about making sure she’s OK. She doesn’t have to worry about making sure I’m OK. We just take care of it.”

Suspect Justin Carter made his first court appearance Monday. He is charged with robbery, receiving stolen property and possession of a handgun by a convicted felon. He’s due back in court Feb. 25.

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