Manchester Subway owners give free meals to furloughed workers

Published: Jan. 11, 2019 at 8:54 PM EST
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As the government shutdown continues and Manchester Federal Correctional Institution workers are furloughed, Subway owners decide to help the workers out, for their lunch.

Owner Theresa Chambers says on Thursday night she got what she believed was an urgent call from her son.

"It was like, 'mom, mom, we've got to do this, I seen a restaurant in Lexington doing this, I think we need to do this too,'" says Chambers.

She says her son had the idea to give free lunches to Manchester Federal Correctional Institution workers during the ongoing government shutdown.

They got to working on it immediately, and began seeing workers come in shortly after a Facebook post on Thursday night, advertising what they would be doing.

"We got a lot of thank you's. Some people lives from paycheck to paycheck, yeah. So I'm glad we can be a help to the community," says manager Deeanna Sizemore.

Chambers says by by the end of lunchtime they had already given out close to 40 sandwiches.

She says it's worth it for the 365 days a year those men and women serve her community.

"That's what makes this easier, is that you're helping people striving and contributing to the community and making a difference by themselves," Chambers says.

She says there are other businesses doing and planning promotions as well, and she hopes to see that trend continue to grow.

"There are some other people in town that are hoping to do something similar. So hopefully it will be like this bandwagon and everybody will get on board and help them," says Chambers.

The workers get a choice of 6" subs (off the Sub of the Day menu), chips, and a drink for free during the shutdown. They can upgrade to a foot-long sub for $2.50.

The employees must have a valid FCI Manchester I.D. and can only take the offer once a day.