Man receives new bike after someone reportedly stole his

Published: Jan. 13, 2019 at 6:13 PM EST
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A man in Floyd County bikes more than two hours to watch a group of men work near the road.

His bike was stolen in McDowell.

They say recently, someone stole his bike. This prompted the workers to chip in and buy their friend a new set of wheels.

Many say treat others the way you want to be treated.

"Right from the get-go we knew the kid was something special to us," said Jonathan Sawyers.

They did just that.

Jonathan and his co-worker Dan Wideman work for a tree cutting company.

"He would show up every day, you know, wanting wood chips or a load of firewood," explained Jonathan.

Jonathan is talking about Cody.

"Man this kid is riding a bike two and a half hours here and riding it two and a half hours back. Rain, sleet or snow. I mean, that's a commitment," Dan pointed out.

Not your average commute, right? One day, Cody's bike went missing.

"Actually, he showed up walking. We were like 'where's your bike buddy?'," recalled Dan.

Jonathan says Cody told them someone stole his bike.

"I teared up. I don't know. I was kind of speechless about it myself," said Jonathan.

The tree-cutting coworkers decided to buy him a new set of wheels.

"During the time he didn't have a bicycle, he was coming. It didn't matter if he had to walk or bum a ride. He was just 100% dedicated," explained Dan.

Dan recorded a video on his phone as they surprised Cody. The video has nearly 1,000 shares on Facebook.

As Cody's face lit up, his new friends watched in awe as he jumped on and peddled away.

"He was riding away there and he came back and what not and was like, 'man that thing flies. It will take me anywhere I go now.' By him saying that right there, it really touched us. It touched us all," Dan explained.

Proving a little bit of kindness goes a long way.

"Sometimes it's the little things that can make people so happy. I just want people to know the peace and the joy that it brought this kid," Jonathan pointed out.

Simply because you never know who you will meet next.

"We entertain angels that we don't know we entertain. You know what I mean? I mean, that could be an angel from God," said Dan.

Jonathan says they did not post the video for personal recognition. He hopes someone "lost" will see the video and understand how God works in different ways.

The co-workers say they are God-fearing men who believe everyone should "love thy neighbor".

The men who chipped in to buy the bike say all the glory goes to God. They say they just did what the bible tells them to do.