Man hopes to connect with disabled veterans through food truck

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WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (WYMT) - A disabled veteran is trying to help others like him through his new food cart “Handlebar Nate’s”.

Nate Stepek began pursuing his culinary passion in high school but said his dreams got pushed to the side when he watched the attack unfold on September 11, 2001.

“I spent about three years in Iraq,” Stepek said.

Once he returned to his new home of Corbin, he realized getting back into the normal rhythm he had before serving would be impossible.

“I have PDST and I see people about that.”

With his wife and children, he decided to start up “Handlebar Nate’s” selling hotdogs to people around the region. He said the idea came from his love for the food and his father being from Chicago.

“This is one way that me and my wife and dour kids can spend enough time together and make enough money to support everybody.”

While now he is serving locals around the region, he hopes to one day expand his business to include food carts disabled veterans can run on their own.

“I actually wanted to make little hot dog stands called the Green Weenie and then employee only disabled veterans. We know it can be really difficult getting back into the workforce. It's the kind of thing that a disabled veteran can do, it's hard to do regular work eight hours a day, it's hard when you have days that you can't get up or do the things that you need to do,” he said.

Stepek also said it can be a way for him and other veterans to check on each other.

“22 veterans a day commit suicide. It's a way for us to keep track on each other, if they haven’t sold in a while, we wouldn't harass them, we would ask them if they are ok.”

To keep up with Stepek and his business you can follow them on their Facebookpage.

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