Man goes above and beyond to return lost wallet

South Point, Ohio // WSAZ
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SOUTH POINT, Ohio (WSAZ) - A purple flower now sits on top of a table in Lettie Aiken's house. The flower is placed right in front of another bouquet.

"I love flowers," said Aiken. "Inside and out, you see flowers."

But it's the story behind how she got that flower that has special meaning. It was delivered by a total stranger, along with someone else that she was missing.

"Tuesday night, it was kind of late," Aiken said. "We went to Kroger on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Ashland around 9. I went shopping. Didn't have a clue when I got home, I didn't have my wallet. I woke up Wednesday morning getting ready to go somewhere and I realized I didn't have my wallet."

She and her daughter went back to look for it and couldn't find it anywhere.

"I came back home, depressed thinking I won't get this back," Aiken said.

The next day, she called Kroger again to check to see if someone had found it. By that time, someone was knocking on her door.

"I went to the door and I looked, somebody was standing there with some flowers," Aiken said. "I said, sir, those flowers couldn't be for me. He said, yes they are for you. Then he said, I have something else for you. He handed me my wallet. I was so excited. I was happy."

The man at the door was Charles Barnhill, a delivery driver for Fields Flowers in Ashland, Kentucky.

"When she came to the door, her first comment was who would've sent me flowers? She waited and asked it again," Barnhill said.

Barnhill had set her wallet off to the side so she couldn't see it at first but said he couldn't keep it from her long.

"It was a joy and honor to be able to return something to someone like that. She was so thankful. I got hugs and kisses you wouldn't believe. She was just so appreciative," Barnhill said.

But Barnhill wasn't the one who originally found Aiken's wallet. It was his boss, Robert Fields at Fields Flowers.

He was shopping with his daughter at Kroger when he looked over and saw the wallet in one of the carts.

"I opened it to see if we could find a phone number," Fields said. "I told the store that I would take it back to her. I saw she was in South Point and I knew Charlie would be going to South Point in the morning and could take it to her."

And although it was Fields' idea to have Barnhill return the wallet, it was Barnhill's idea to take the flower.

"That was all Charlie's idea," Fields said. "I was pushing him out the door to get it over to her quickly. But Charlie was the one behind the flowers. He always loves to put a smile on people's faces."

Aiken says she is so thankful for both of the men.

"To know there [are] still honest people in the world, that excited me more than anything," Aiken said. "It increases my faith that there [are] still good people in the world. I'm so happy to know that."

Fields Flowers has been in business for 99 years. However, Aiken said before this, she had never heard of them.

"I haven't had the opportunity to meet Mr. Fields yet, but he is one of the sweetest, God-sent gentlemen I have yet to meet, " Aiken said.

She now plans to visit the store and thank Fields in person. She says she also plans to shop around for some flowers while she is there.