Man flees with daughter from Johnson County Deputy

Published: May. 25, 2016 at 9:26 PM EDT
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It was a quiet afternoon in the Johnson County Sheriff's office until Jonathan D. Morrow came to get an emergency protective order.

"It was discovered during the investigation of the E.P.O. that he was actually wanted out of Tennessee," said Byron Fairchild, Deputy Sheriff.

Deputies said after they confronted Morrow, he shoved his daughter and tried to run away.

Deputy Danny Martin tried to tase him.

"Initially, after he started running, he picked his child up and actually tried to use her as a human shield and at that time I did not have a clear shot with it so I had to make sure that she was safe," said Danny Martin, Deputy Sheriff.

Deputies said the struggle between officer Martin and the suspect landed right outside of the doors of the Johnson County Sheriff's Office where officer Martin was able to tase Morrow.

"At that time the man pulled the barbs out, got into his vehicle, pushed his kid into the vehicle and fled the scene. He actually struck a State Police cruiser on the way out as well," said Fairchild.

Deputies said the safety of his daughter is their main concern.

"He is not stable, and he's got his 14 year old daughter with him so we want to end it peacefully," said Fairchild.

Deputies said Morrow drives a mint green Ford vehicle, he is five foot nine inches, and 230 pounds.

The license plate number on Morrow's vehicle is 570 VLB.

If you have any information on his whereabouts you are asked to call the Johnson County Sheriff's office at 606-789-3411 or 911 if you are in Johnson County.