Man breaks into home, makes two mayonnaise sandwiches

Published: Sep. 28, 2019 at 3:05 PM EDT
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Officials from the Laurel County Sheriff’s department said a house was broken into early Saturday morning off Barbourville Road, about two miles South of London.

Officials said the owner of the home woke up to noises coming from his kitchen and found a man making two mayonnaise sandwiches.

The owner did not know the man, but described him as being about six feet tall and 220 pounds.

Police said the suspect told the homeowner if he left the house, would he (the home owner) clean up the mess.

The suspect then left the home before police arrived leaving behind a coffee mug, loose change, and his wallet with an ID.

Deputy Gilbert Acciardo says even though the suspect is not in custody police do not believe the public is in any danger.

"All kinds of things could have happened because most homeowners anymore in the times that we live in they're armed and they have weapons in their house, and if you didn't know somebody and somebody broke in on you who knows what's going to go through your mind at that time," said Acciardo.

Police said they are going to use information from the items found to locate the suspect and obtain and arrest warrant.

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