Man arrested after high-speed chase around Mountain Parkway

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POWELL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - One man was arrested following a Powell County police chase on the morning of January 23.

Officials say Foxie Feltner was driving on the Mountain Parkway and refused to stop when officers flashed their lights.

Feltner tried to escape the officers by exiting the parkway. Once Feltner hit a dead end, he turned the car around and continued to flee at high speeds.

SPD officers blocked the intersection Feltner was headed for in order to stop him.

Feltner disregarded the blockade and drove off the roadway nearly crashing into the officers.

The high-speed chase continued for more than 2 miles before Feltner lost control of the car and hit a guard-rail.

Officers were then able to catch up and place Feltner under arrest with no injuries.

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