Memes, T-shirts & cheese graters; Man becomes internet sensation overnight

Published: Aug. 27, 2018 at 3:08 PM EDT
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Thursday we brought you

who had a gun pulled on him while confronting an alleged burglar. That story has taken the internet by storm. Our web article alone has been shared more than two thousand times. The story has even received national attention.

Mason Tackett says he is in awe of the social media attention sweeping across the country.

"I walked by the mirror this morning and got star struck," Tackett laughs.

Since Tackett's social media explosion, he says he has received thousands of messages. The web has flooded with memes and even T-shirts are quoting Tackett.

"I just need to go down there and thank him (Phillip Hagans)," said Tackett. "Take him five dollars and a honey bun and put it on his books. Maybe soap on a rope. You know, anti-theft soap. Whatever he might need."

But not everyone is a fan of Tackett's story.

"To me, they're just a bunch of jelly monsters on jelly mountain smoking bad batches," said Tackett.

Some say his cousin, who allegedly stole from him, needs help instead of ridicule.

"It's not a drug problem. They're the Turkey Creek Terrorists! They've rogued everybody and every surrounding zip code there are since they were four and five years old," exclaimed Tackett, referring to Phillip Hagans and another family member.

According to Tackett, his family had a similar experience with Hagans.

"When they was 12 or 13 they stole $3,500 worth of gold and guns off my daddy in the same house!" Tackett exclaimed." They can break in any window. They'' take the air-conditioning unit out and crawl through the window on you. It ain't drugs. It's bone deep in them."

Tackett says the instant fame really has not changed him all that much. However, he says the same cannot be said for the cheese grater and its "friends".

"The other night I went to the BP and had to put them all in the car with me and I strapped my seat belt on them. People were taking pictures of them in the car," said Tackett. "It's went to their head. They wanna come in the house now and everything."

Tackett says he hopes that jail time does his cousin some good but says there is only one way he would want the charges dismissed.

"We wouldn't care to drop the charges if they'd cut his hands off because that's the only thing that's gonna stop him," said Tackett.

Phillip Matthew Hagans is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Tuesday. He declined our request for an interview.