Leslie County making strides against bullying

Published: Oct. 19, 2019 at 2:35 PM EDT
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October is National Bullying and Prevention Awareness Month, but most people are unaware of how many children are being bullied.

"We actually have one in four kids that get bullied, and nobody ever even says anything," said Kendra Bailey a social worker for Leslie County.

For that reason, Hillary Moore Meehan, the school psychologist for Leslie County began the "Eagle's Don't Run with Bullies 5k run/walk'.

"Since this was my passion I wanted to align it with something that I really care about and something that is a big problem in all schools," said Moore Meehan. "This is important to do and have different events throughout the month, so that way we can keep it in people's minds."

Bailey wants to let students know they can say something if they see something.

"It is ok to come forward. 'Hey, I'm getting bullied. I'm getting bullied on social media. I'm getting bullied at school. I'm getting bullied in the lunchroom, on the bus'," said Bailey.

She wants them to know they do have someone to turn to.

"A lot of people say well one thing is not going to change the world," said Moore Meehan.

Her optimism has brought her this far.

"It's going to take a step towards changing the world, and at least we are changing the culture of our town and our school system," said Moore Meehan.

The 5k run/walk ended with the children making a pledge to stop bullying and do everything in their power to prevent it.

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