Police: Father, daughter arrested in largest drug bust in county's history

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WHITESBURG, Ky. (WYMT) With help from the Pike County Sheriff's Department, deputies in Letcher County made what they call a major drug bust.

Two arrests resulted from a six-month investigation. Investigators say they found four pounds of methamphetamine (estimated street value of $180,000), about ten grams of heroin and more than $5,000.

Deputies said they believe the drugs involved caused numerous thefts, burglaries, and overdoses in and around the county.

They arrested Danny R. Collins, 62, and Samantha D. Collins, 36. Deputies say they are father and daughter. Both face charges related to trafficking drugs. A grand jury could choose to indict them on other charges.

Sergeant Congleton of the Letcher County Sheriff's Department who was part of the investigation, says this is a major step in cleaning up the community.

“Total methamphetamine, we estimate to be about four pounds", said Congleton. "It’s the largest drug bust that we know of in Letcher County. And I feel like we’ve got the biggest drug dealer in Letcher County. There’s more that we’re working on, but this is a really big hit for us.”

Four guns and a 2000 Ford F150 pickup were also taken during the bust.

Police say they also found the 14-year-old daughter of Danny Collins inside the home during the search. They say that could likely lead to more charges against Danny Collins.

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