Magoffin County prepares for snow, locals wish for warmer weather

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MAGOFFIN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Eastern Kentucky went from 60° weather to freezing temperatures in just a week's time frame.

However, the Magoffin County Highway Department says they are fully prepared all winter long.

"We have our trucks ready, I mean we're always ready for snow, especially like this one even though it's going to turn into rain we just kind of play that by ear," said Steve Howard the superintendent.

Even though the rain makes this forecast difficult for meteorologists, it might help out the highway departments.

"Rain will hopefully help us out a little bit about getting it off," said Howard.

Howards also says that sometimes the smaller accumulating snowfall means more work, "some of these smaller snows, these little snow squalls that come in and out and change over and what have you it's hard to stay out all the time out there."

But Howard and his team treat all snow events the same.

"Seems like the less accumulation we use just about as much salt on less accumulation as we do a big event," said Howard.

And despite the freezing temperatures, locals are dreaming of last weekend's weather.

"It was 60 degrees last week, its freezing weather this week, it's the crazy Kentucky weather," said one local man at a gas station.

And another man agreed, "It's just Kentucky, that's how it is. It's just Kentucky."

Here's to hoping spring arrives quickly.

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