Magoffin County denied individual FEMA assistance after recent flooding

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MAGOFFIN COUNTY, KY. (WYMT) - Magoffin County officials broke the bad news Friday - the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is not granting the county individual emergency funding after the recent flooding that hit the area.

County officials said in order to qualify for individual FEMA assistance, they had to have roughly 80 houses that were washed out or severely damaged by the high waters. Magoffin County did not receive enough damage to individual homes to qualify.

"We didn't have enough, yeah we fell short," said Robert Prater, Magoffin County's emergency management director. People were counting on you know maybe getting some help, some funding you know so they can get some of the stuff back, that's not going to happen."

FEMA also usually does not help unless the flooding reached a depth of 18 inches, county officials explained. Magoffin County saw a peak of six inches of flooding.

He said thankfully the county will get about $3 million in public FEMA assistance. That funding will help go towards roads and other public areas damaged.

"It's better to have some funding than none at all," Prater added.

Officials tell us they are still working on other outlets for funding, however. They did already get alternative funding for road repairs, though unfortunately there are no funds for individual homes at this time.

People living in areas hit hard by flooding say this is a devastating blow to them.

"It's devastating to families around here not to get FEMA funding," Jarrod Saylor added. He lives along Salyer Branch. "It's hard enough around here as it is, and with losing what they have to do with their homes, land, and transportation even, this FEMA funding is what they depend on to help build back."

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