Magoffin Co. High School students and staff rally around students involved in crash

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MAGOFFIN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Early Wednesday morning  crash involving three Magoffin County High School students had many educators and students worried. The three students all had to be taken to the hospital, one was flown out.

"It was bad obviously but it could have been worse," said Chris Meadows, Magoffin County High School's Principal.

He says he is thankful all three are awake and alert. Students and staff have come together to make get well cards for the students who are in the hospital.

"We have worked with the art teacher and those art students to make get well cards," said Meadows. "Students will have the freedom to just swing by the art room whether or not they have art class or not to write a get well wish, or a message or to just sign their name."

Meadows says he has talked with the families and they are hopeful they will make a recovery.

"They seem to be doing well, in one student's case there still doing some scans and procedures," he added. "We're confident they will all have a good recovery."

The school's resource officer will be giving talking with student drivers about driving safety in the coming week. Meadows also says they are free to talk to students who may feel the need to talk to someone about the crash.

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