Lynn Camp students fill school lawn with visual representation of 9/11

KNOX COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Lynn Camp high school students place nearly 3,000 paper cups in front of the school to represent lives lost during 9/11.

Teachers say since their students were either not born yet or too young to remember 9/11, they have struggled to visualize what several thousand looks like.

Gevedon says that is when he had the idea to re-use paper cups from another recent project to make a visual representation of every life lost on 9/11.

"I thought, what is more symbolic really than an empty paper cup? We discussed it there and they thought it would be interesting to see 2,977," said engineering instructor, Hank Gevedon.

Students said it opened their eyes to see that many paper cups knowing what their cup meant.

"How each cup, you know, represents each person. It's just kind of crazy how that many people died from that terroristic attack," said student Vonlee Howell.

Principal Anthony Pennington said there will also be a ceremony for first-responders during the football game on Friday.

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