Lynn Camp High School students are thankful to tour Notre Dame Cathedral before it caught fire

KNOX COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Lynn Camp High School seniors traveled to London, England, and Paris, France earlier in the month. One of their destinations was the Notre Dame Cathedral.

On Monday, the Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire, burning part of the church that they toured.

"Just, us being there just last week and seeing it in its full everything. And then, it just burning down. It's crazy," says Lynn Camp High School senior, Christian Meadows.

Students say when the cathedral caught fire, it put into perspective just how special their senior trip was.

"All the memories that I have now I'll just cherish in a different way. Because like, it's gone. Like, all of it's not gone. But, it'll never be the same exact way it was again." says student Leah Thompson.

When the group returned, students were allowed to have a 3-D print out of their favorite landmark.

Student Mariah Parker, one of the only six seniors on the trip, printed out the Notre Dame Cathedral.

She says seeing the news of the fire on Monday, was devastating.

"Immediately I went to YouTube and watched the live streaming of it. Watching the steeple fall, it was really sad," Parker says.

Students say while they are glad much of the church and relics were saved, they say there is no way to get back what part of un-touched history they witnessed.

"You can't build something back like that, you know? It's more of a memorial now," says student Dalton Cook.

School staff that went on the trip say they are not only thankful that students saw the Notre Dame Cathedral before it burned, but also had the opportunity to travel internationally.

Learning that staff say, can only come from experiences.

"Seeing all the beauty and the architecture it just really doesn't do it justice, unless you're actually there to see it. So, I mean that was just great for our kids to have that opportunity," says Lynn Camp Schools Principal, Anthony Pennington.

Students say Lynn Camp tradition has been to take senior students to Washington, D.C. and New York City, for their senior trips. Making the class of 2019 the first to travel internationally.

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