Loved ones celebrate birthday of man murdered in 2016

Published: Sep. 16, 2018 at 5:32 PM EDT
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On Oct. 4, Michael Lowe was found dead in his apartment in Jenkins. It was later determined that Lowe had been murdered, but almost two years later, loved ones still do not have answers.

Family and friends gathered under a pavilion at Riverside Park in Whitesburg to remember not Michael's death, but his life and legacy.

"He would make sunshine out of rain you know, he was that type of person," said Christine Lowe, Mike's sister-in-law as she pointed to the rain falling outside the pavilion.

The event was a birthday party for Mike, who would have been 52-years-old. The family says a party is what he would have wanted.

"He was the hit of the party. When you were in a room and Mike came in... Oh my gosh it just brightened up," said Christine. "You know just little things like that help keep the family together and not so far apart."

The balloons at the party were multicolored, specifically for Mike. Mike grew up colorblind and could not see much color. His family says they were launching up the colored balloons because they know Mike is looking down on them, and he can see in color now.

"We didn't have candles for his cake, so we're sending multicolored balloons to wish him a happy birthday and to send him some color," said Christine.

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