Longtime fugitive caught on camera and arrested

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FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The community of Grethel is breathing a sigh of some relief after Jimmy Frazier was arrested late Tuesday night.

The Sheriff's deputies with the help of a K9 were able to capture him in the Branhams Creek community.

Frazier was able to avoid being captured on different occasions by fleeing and hiding in the Red Morg Branch community.

That is where you find Shawn Keathley and his family. Victims of one the many crimes Frazier is charged with committing. Keathley installed a deer camera by his late brothers' grave.

"The minute we started putting stuff on the grave. It was accumulating money. So we decided that was something we should monitor," he said.

Glad that he did, he is still upset. "It angers me quite a bit. You just don't mess with somebody's grave," he said.

Frazier and a female suspect were seen on video surveillance stealing memorandums off the Keathley grave. Items taken totaled to estimate just a little over two hundred dollars.

"Oh, it is a relief I'm glad they got him off the streets. This is not the only issue he had with the authority. We needed to get him," said Keathley.

Frazier is now in the Floyd County jail and is being charged with sexual abuse, harassment, terroristic threatening, wrongly filling prescriptions, violating graves, assault, PI controlled substance, disorderly conduct, fleeing or evading police, possession of marijuana and criminal possession forged instrument.

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