London gas station drops prices to 99 cents, hoping to ease COVID-19 concerns

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Spur Oil's 7th location in north London had cars surrounding the building and lining down the highway on Tuesday.

On Monday, Spur Oil owers posted on Facebook that they were dropping the price of unleaded gas to 0.99 at that location to give back and lend a helping hand amid COVID-19.

Those at the pumps called the deal a blessing and were shocked to see how many people showed up.

"We was going to stop coming down, there was not that many. But, we come back up and there was a whole lot more. So, I said we might as well get in line and wait," said Billy Edward Allen. "It's nice. I mean it's sad it had to come down to everything going on to get it this way. But, I'm glad to see it this cheap."

That little bit of relief was all the store could hope for and put a smile across their faces.

"And, hopefully, that will start a cycle of the acts of paying it forward. Because we're helping the community. And in turn, they are going to invest in, you know, also helping," said Jaimie Tomaw.

There is no set time when the price will end, but owners want to continue doing so as long as they can.