Locals take advantage of one more calm day before Hurricane Florence makes landfall

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KINSTON, N.C. (WYMT) - As Hurricane Florence continues to move closer to the coast, people in Kinston, North Carolina are waiting for the weather to get worse.

The town of Kinston sits along the Neuse River, and forecasts show the town is expected to receive moderate flooding. Those who live in Kinston say that’s just something they have come to expect.

Kinston resident Donald Thomas says he prepared for Hurricane Florence’s visit, so on what could be the last calm day in the town, he’s out fishing. But tomorrow might be a different story.

“I believe it’s going to get worse than it ever has,” Thomas said. “The best I can do is sit home and pray that everything comes through good.”

He and others living in the small North Carolina town are used to severe weather, and some don’t seem to mind it anymore.

“I’m originally from Jersey. I don’t have to shovel the sunshine down here. All good for me,” Thomas said.

Paul Mixner runs a restaurant in Kinston during the week, and on weekends he’s at his beach house on Emerald Isle. For this weekend, he’s just hoping that doesn’t mean playing catch with a rising river and flooded Main Street.

“You plan for the worst. Hope for the best. We never know what to expect when Mother Nature throws stuff at us,” Mixner said.

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