Local veterans recognize 100th anniversary of the end of WWI

JACKSON, Ky. (WYMT) - Sunday marks the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI.

Many veterans and their families gathered at the Jackson Armory for the Breathitt County Community Veterans Day Ceremony to recognize the history made in 1918.

"The hostile fire ceased at 1100 hours, on the 11th day of November 1918," Vietnam veteran, Ervin Allen, said.

Mildred Lee Rogers says her father served in WWII.

While honoring vets still living and those who died in the line of duty, she among others proudly stood and recognized their bravery.

"You're so proud of them that you want everyone to know that they are yours," Rogers said.

She says some stories are shared but some remain untold. Either way, her father always managed to teach her a lesson.

"He taught me to respect my country. He taught me to do for others," she said. "He gave up everything. He left his mama that was widowed. He left his sisters and brothers. He sent his check back to his mother to help raise his brothers and sisters."

Many serve in other countries but not all memories are made overseas. Allen remembers reporting for flood duty in Harlan County.

"One of the people that we helped was a lame lady that almost fell," he said. "I couldn't help it. I started crying. I thought, 'What if that had been my mother?'"

Loving family comes easy for these veterans, knowing they too, gave a lot.

"They sacrifice too, just like we do," Allen said.

And now as they grow older, they continue to give back.

"He taught me to serve and put others before myself," Rogers said.

She says if you see a veteran, remember to say 'thank you' for protecting our country.

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